5 Must-try Restaurants in Katipunan

5 Must-try Restaurants in Katipunan

Dormy Team

July 3, 2024

Looking to go for a Katipunan Crawl? Katipunan Avenue boasts a lot of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. It may seem overwhelming to pick among the bunch, so here are my top 5 to get your food trip started!

Busan Korean Restaurant

📍Check them out along the corner of F. Dela Rosa St. and Esteban Abada St., just a short walk from Regis Center!

Craving for some Korean food but don’t want samgyup? Busan QC has been able to serve more authentic Korean dishes in Katipunan! They’ve got tteokbokki, fried chicken, jjigae, and cocktails to add to your taste palette.

I recommend their Roasted Samgyup Kimchi Jjigae for only PHP 299! It is not too spicy, making you appreciate jjigae with its comforting flavors. It pairs really well with the rice so don’t be shy and pour a lot of the soup! You can also get the Signature Roasted Samgyup on its own for PHP 299! It comes with a special salt mix on the side so you can dip your Samgyup to suit your taste. Each order comes with pickled cabbage, fishcake, and kimchi; you can ask for refills! They are also served by their friendly Korean staff, so don’t be shy (they can understand Filipino).

Photo Credits to Busan QC on TikTok

Seventh Strip UP Town

📍They are in U.P. Town Center near Handyman Hardware!

They started out as a food and drinks stall inside Pop Up Quezon City, a famous drinking place among undergraduate students along Katipunan; however, they are expanding to become a stand-alone restaurant in the making!

They still serve cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, but their specialty lies in their burgers. Their signature Truffle Burger for PHP 220 is one to add to your top food lists! The burger patty is juicy and flavorful, paired with caramelized onions and that truffle sauce to die for. They also serve steaks for as low as PHP 495! It comes with a salad and another side of your choice, you can choose between buttered or plain rice, or mashed potatoes. I would pick the mashed potatoes for their creamy and buttery taste. They are generous with their portions and I would say it is really sulit! They also serve desserts, pasta, sisig, and other dishes.

Photo Credits to Seventh Strip on Facebook

Inengs BBQ

📍It’s in Petron Gas Station, near Santa Maria Dellas Strada Church!

A staple among families in Katipunan! Inengs is well known for their delicious barbecue and pansit and they also serve other classic Filipino dishes for the family! I recommend their chicken barbecue for PHP 225! You are given 5 pieces of the most flavorful pieces of barbecue. It is cooked over charcoal and glazed with a sweet sauce which makes up for its flavor.

They also serve combo meals for solo diners that come with java rice, barbecue, and atsara for PHP 269! You can also order their klasik pansit for as low as PHP 226, which is good for 2-3 persons! This version is served with bihon noodles and classic toppings of meat and vegetables and calamansi on the side! If you need a quick fix of Filipino food with your friends, this is the place to be!

Photo Credits to Wikipedia

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza

📍You can check them out in 317 Katipunan, near Dunkin!

Craving for Pizza? Gino’s serves some of the best pizzas in Katipunan! Their Margherita Pizza for PHP 465 will surely draw you in with their great sauce, dough, and toppings! They also have great authentic Italian Pasta, and I personally recommend their Butter Parmigiano Pasta for PHP 340, a simple yet delicious dish. They can also serve food from their cafe (Tyler’s Cafe) which has great burgers. Gino’s chocolate pie with a dark chocolate filling and chocolate crust costs only PHP 140! It is something I never miss to order.

Photo Credits to Wikipedia


📍Find them here in 88 Esteban Abada St., just in front of Loyola Heights barangay hall!

Last but certainly not the least, Tetsuo. A humble spot with great food along Esteban Abada St. My favorite meal is their Torched Salmon Bowl for PHP 300! It’s served with fresh salmon, spicy crab-fat mayo, tempura crumbs and a side of pickled cucumber! I also recommend their Teriyaki Chicken Bowl for 250 PHP! They also serve karaage, noodles, and other rice meals that will surely keep you coming back for more!

Photo Credits to Wikipedia

Honorable Mentions

Some honorable mentions are El Chapo’s, Ukiyo, and JV Pare & Mami House! El Chapo’s serves one of the best Mexican food in Quezon City, and it’s just outside of Tetsuo. Ukiyo, most commonly known as a KTV bar at night, also serves great Japanese food! And lastly, JV Pare & Mami House serves the best sisig I have ever tried. It’s a little walk away from Pop Up, but this humble Filipino restaurant serves great home-cooked meals that satisfy the heart.

There are plenty of restaurants in Katipunan, so the best way to pick is to point and decide! After living here for so long, the most humble eateries turn out to be one of the best places to eat at so don’t be shy and explore.

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