Safety Guidelines

At Dormy, your safety is our utmost priority. While we employ measures to prevent fraudulent activity on our platform, we highly recommend following our recommended safety practices to ensure that your renting journey remains safe and secure:


Check the verification status of the property

There are three levels of verification at Dormy, namely:


*no badge*

Verified email address (Basic Account Level)


Verified mobile number, with ID photo submitted.


Verified with supporting legal documents on affiliations and/or ownership with the listed properties.


Dormy has physically visited the property location and has partnered with the property for end-to-end support.

Listings with lower verification levels appear lower in the search results. However, we still continue to include user-generated listings on our platform to provide a wider pool of options for renters to explore, as it is not always logistically feasible for our teams to physically visit and partner with every rental property in the country.

As much as possible, only transact with hosts tagged with higher verification levels in the platform.


Avoid reservation fees and down payments before viewing

Some hosts will request reservation fees and down payments ahead of the contract. However, this is also a common scam tactic used by fraudulent hosts, wherein properties ask for early deposits prior to viewing the property.

Verify the host's affiliation, and ensure to have an on-site viewing appointment prior to performing any monetary transaction.


Verify your host's authorization to lease out the property

We recommend that you confirm the affiliations of the host prior to making any monetary transaction. For high-rise buildings like condominium rentals, you may do this by approaching the building administrator or reception areas and confirming the identity of your agent or landlord.

For other property types, ask for legal documentation on ownership and/or authorization to lease out the property. It is best if the rental is legally registered and tax-mapped with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, as this guarantees that the operator is a registered business.


Keep all transactions and conversations within the platform

In compliance with our Terms and Privacy Policy, we monitor chat logs and user touchpoints on our platform to moderate activity.

We monitor suspicious activity and execute security measures to mitigate possible irregularities in user interactions. If inquiries and requests are transferred out-of-platform, then our teams will not be able to screen possible suspicious activity, therefore increasing your risk exposure in rental transactions.


Monitor security updates from our teams

If fraudulent activity is detected with hosts that you've interacted with, our teams will reach out and alert you of possible risks. Be on the lookout for security emails, and follow recommended practices to stay safe on our platform.

Despite the presence of our security measures, it is always best for you to practice these safety guidelines to avoid experiencing fraudulent transactions in the future.

Happy renting, and have a safe journey ahead.

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