5 Reasons Why You Should Rent in MyTown New York near BGC

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent in MyTown New York near BGC

Dormy Team

June 1, 2024

Finding affordable spaces for rent can be challenging in an expensive city like BGC. We feel you, 100%. That’s why MyTown is a great choice — it’s outside BGC so the rent is cheaper but only a few minutes away from the major landmarks like High Street and UpTown.

It’s also frustrating to walk around in the metro in the summer heat just to try to find available units for rent, only to fail at the end of the day. But don’t worry, Dormy has digitized the rental experience so you can check out all the details, send an inquiry, and schedule a visit — all on one online platform. In fact, if you think MyTown New York is the right co-living for you, you can check it out by clicking this link: https://www.dormy.ph/listing/mytown-new-york.

If you’re not sure yet, keep reading to know more about MyTown New York.

1. Multiple Room Options

MyTown New York offers different room types.

  • Solo Room: They have a solo room if you prefer living alone for more privacy and flexibility or if you want to bring your partner with you. Yes, their solo rooms can accommodate a couple as well.
  • Room for 2 pax: If you want to save money, you can bunk with a roommate. They offer bed spaces so if you don’t have a friend to accompany you, they can assign you a roommate.
  • Room for 4 pax: If you and your friends want to share a room together, you can opt for this one. But again, if you plan on moving in alone, you can also ask to be assigned to a room with roommates.

Their rooms also come with the following inclusions. Actually, all you have to do is move in.

  • Bathroom inside the room with a toilet and a sink.
  • Microwave and Refrigerator.
  • Airconditioner.
  • Cabinets (for each person).
  • Privacy curtains for 2 pax and 4 pax rooms.
  • Outlets conveniently located beside each bed.

2. Affordable Prices & Discounts

Their prices start at PHP 4,260 per month.* This already includes the exclusive discount of PHP 500 on your first month when you book through Dormy. So, make sure to book through Dormy! This is already affordable, especially compared to condominiums for rent in the area (plus the additional fees for the association dues most of the time).

*Prices as of June 1, 2024. Prices can change without prior notice.

3. Loaded Amenities

They have a lot of amenities — a LOT. Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of their amenities:

  • Roof Deck with chairs and tables.
  • Swimming Pool.
  • Fitness Gym.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the whole building, including the rooms.
  • Parking.
  • Study Hub / Co-working space.
  • Theatre (yes, a theatre for movies).
  • Canteen.

4. Prime Location

Their exact location is outside BGC, but according to them, their buildings are all within a 5-minute walk from the BGC and Makati CBD. This varies, of course, depending on what route you’ll take. But the bottom line is they are really near to BGC. If you want to see for yourself, we have a map on our listings so you can just check it out on https://www.dormy.ph/listing/mytown-new-york.

5. Unique Experience

Co-living Experience:

  • MyTown New York is a co-living space. This means that you can interact with your neighbors when they host events like movie nights, Halloween parties, and more. They also hold workshops if you’re into personal development. You can not get this experience in traditional apartments, dorms, and condominium units.

Metro Experience:

  • A lot of people dream of experiencing the city life. Rightly so, as the city life offers a sense of excitement, productivity, and discovery — especially in a central business district like the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). On top of this, the city also offers a lot of job opportunities so you can build your career here.


MyTown New York offers affordable units for rent with a lot of amenities and a unique co-living experience — all while being near BGC. It is a great place to stay in while you follow your dreams, build your career, expand your network, or simply experience the city life. If you think it’s the right rental for you, you can already send an inquiry and schedule a visit on Dormy. Simply click this link: https://www.dormy.ph/listing/mytown-new-york. Make sure to book through Dormy to get the exclusive PHP 500 discount on your first month.

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