Affordable Ladies’ Dorms in Manila

Affordable Ladies’ Dorms in Manila

Dormy Team

March 6, 2024

Despite the advent of condominiums, many parents and students still opt for Ladies’ Dormitories near university. Understandably so, as Ladies’ Dorms usually offer better security and monitoring, a tight-knit community, and better communication between the parents, tenants, and admin, and cheaper rent.

So, to help you find affordable Ladies’ Dorms in Sampaloc near UST, FEU, and review centers, we have compiled a list. Continue reading to learn more about these dorms.

Dormy 1 (P. Noval Street)

Dormy 1 - Ladies Dorm in P. Noval Street in Sampaloc near UST

Dormy 1 has a perfect location; it’s right across the UST Noval Gate. Whether you’re a university student or a reviewee, you can book this dorm as they offer both short- and long-term leases — an offering that is becoming rare nowadays. Their room rates are also very affordable, with electricity, water, and wi-fi included.

If you’re interested in Dormy 1, you can click this link:

Dormy 40 (Navarra Street – Dapitan Side)

Dormy 1 - Ladies Dorm in Dapitan Street in Sampaloc near UST

Dormy 40 offers very spacious units with a dedicated study area, kitchen area, comfort room, and sleeping area all within the rooms. On top of this, they are offering very competitive rates with fixed rates throughout the renters’ entire stay. Their buildings’ location is competitive as well, with UST just a minute’s walk away and nearby stores such as Uncle John’s, Black Scoop, Starbucks, Dimsum Treats, and more!

If you’re interested in Dormy 40, you can click this link:


The demand for affordable ladies’ dorms has increased with the return to full face-to-face classes. Undoubtedly so, as ladies’ dorms offer a lot, especially in terms of pricing, lease duration, community, and security. If you’re looking to rent in one, make sure to inquire about Dormy 1 and Dormy 40 before they run out of available beds. You may conveniently inquire by clicking the links above. Or you can go to to search them or view other available dorms in Sampaloc.

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