How to Find Dorms Near UST – UBelt College Guide

How to Find Dorms Near UST – UBelt College Guide

Dormy Team

March 7, 2024

Congratulations, you’ve passed the USTET. Now it’s time to convince your parents to let you experience the Manila life in University Belt. If it’s your first time to set foot on the historic campus, you should know that people tend to refer to locations around UST by their street name: Espana, Noval, Dapitan, and Lacson.

Here’s our curated list of ways how you can find dorms and condos near the University of Santo Tomas — the Pontifical and Royal, Catholic University of the Philippines.

Freshie Guides from Student Organizations

Thomasian student organizations usually release their own #FreshieTips every year, and if there’s five pages that you have to like and follow on Facebook, it’s these pages:

Annually, there’s usually a newly-made group for each year’s batch of Thomasian freshies. Hop on Facebook, and search for “UST Freshies 2024-2025” then just update it with the respective school year, people tend to find roommates in these groups as well.

Facebook Groups, Reddit, Community Forums

Community groups and forums like Reddit’s r/Tomasino and r/RentPH, plus Facebook’s “For Rent Near <Insert City Name Here>” are common ways of finding dorms and condos near the University of Santo Tomas. Run a quick search on these groups, and you’re 100% certain to find at least 10 different rental property listings.

Image showing frontpage of r/Tomasino, the unofficial community subreddit for students of the University of Santo Tomas

A quick warning though, finding properties on crowdsourced forums like these are always high risk. If you want to learn about must-know tips to avoid getting scammed in dorm hunting, read our article here: How to Avoid Rental Scams in the Philippines.

Rental Property Listing Websites

Rental property websites like Dormy PH offer a curated catalogue of rental listings in different landmarks. We don’t mean to be biased, but Dormy probably has the best available dorms near UST, more than any other website (it’s literally written on our name).

Frontpage of Dormy PH rental website with "UST" on the search bar, showing available properties near UST.

One thing to remember though, is to read through our Safety Guidelines. Dormy has multiple verification tiers, ranging from semi-verified, to fully-verified, and eventually the coveted “Partner” status — which is only given to rental properties that have earned 100% of our trust.


There are multiple ways on how you can find dorms, condos, and rooms for rent near UST — but some methods are easier than others. The overkill, expensive, and tiring method is with you literally walking around UST and snapping photos of the different “For Rent” tarpaulins.

But that’s why we’ve built Dormy, and also why we wrote this article — nobody wants to walk under the summer heat without guarantee of finding a place to stay. Your college journey starts here, we’ll guide you home.

P.S., Dormy was originally founded by two Thomasian students, we literally faced your problem — that’s why we built this website.

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