MyTown is Offering High Quality Affordable Rooms for rent around BGC

MyTown is Offering High Quality Affordable Rooms for rent around BGC

Dormy Team

April 2, 2024

BGC is known as an expensive city. Want to eat brunch? You have to prepare at least 500 pesos. Want coffee? Prepare 250 pesos. So, rentals should be costly too, right? Well, not necessarily. This co-living offers rooms and bed spaces for rent that feel like condo units — at a fraction of the price.

With the money you’ll save, you can spend on your guilty pleasures instead. Continue reading to learn more about MyTown.

Rooms & Locations

MyTown’s buildings are strategically located around BGC. Here are their locations:

Near St. Luke’s BGC and High Street

  • MyTown Auckland (Dormy 9)
  • MyTown Sydney (Dormy 8)
  • MyTown Amsterdam (Dormy 3)
  • MyTown Seoul (Dormy 6)
  • MyTown Milan
  • MyTown Kyoto (Dormy 2)
  • MyTown Tokyo (Dormy 10)

Near Mitsukoshi BGC and UpTown BGC

  • MyTown London
  • MyTown New York (Dormy 4)
  • MyTown Singapore
  • MyTown Istanbul (Dormy 11)

Near UpTown BGC and Schools (University of Makati, DLSU-Rufino, The British School Manila, International School Manila, etc.)

  • MyTown Athens (Dormy 7)
  • MyTown Hong Kong
  • MyTown Capetown
  • MyTown Rome

Near Market! Market! and SM Aura

  • MyTown Rio (Dormy 5)
  • MyTown Paris

Note: Buildings with Dormy numbers are available on You can find more details, send an inquiry, and schedule a visit directly by going to our website and searching the Dormy number.

Promo! You can get an exclusive PHP 500 OFF on your first month when you book via Dormy (except at MyTown Istanbul/Dormy 11).

Room Types & Inclusions

Room types per building vary, but generally, they have a Solo Room (can accommodate a couple), 2-pax, 4-pax, and 6-pax rooms (bed space options are also available). It is worth noting that MyTown Istanbul has a unique setup. There, bunk beds are not used; instead, the beds are separated in the room.

For the inclusions, each room typically has an aircon, cabinets, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a bathroom within the room. Each bed also has an outlet beside it and a privacy curtain.


MyTown elevates their tenant’s experience with their amenities and commercial spaces within the buildings, an interactive tenant community, and constant community events and workshops (e.g., Halloween Party, Art Workshops)


So yes, budget-friendly rental options are still available around BGC, and MyTown is one of the best choices! If you are interested, you can go to and search “MyTown” or you can search the Dormy numbers above. Remember to book via Dormy to get an exclusive PHP 500 OFF on your first month!*

*Only applicable to the buildings available on Dormy. Excludes MyTown Istanbul/Dormy 11.

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