Vibrant Community: The Heart of MyTown Dorms

Vibrant Community: The Heart of MyTown Dorms

Dormy Team

February 3, 2024

When looking for a rental, people focus on the rooms, inclusions, amenities, and location but often overlook the value of a well-managed interactive community inside the building.

In this article, we’ll discuss the new wave of co-living in the Philippines and the community that MyTown has fostered in its chain of buildings near BGC.

The New Wave of Co-Living

With the rapid growth of metro centers and business districts in the country and the inflating cost of traditional apartments and rooms for rent, young professionals and expats are looking for housing that is more adaptable to their needs. Co-livings usually offer more flexibility regarding lease duration and living arrangements and a stronger sense of community than traditional options.

MyTown Co-Living Community

MyTown has built a vibrant community across all of its buildings near BGC, and you will surely feel that you’re right where you belong. Actually, it is quite difficult to find this type of community in the metro, so MyTown is doing a great job in this aspect.

As a part of their efforts to foster their community, they host multiple events and workshops throughout the year. Here are some notable ones:

  • Halloween Party
  • Thanksgiving Party
  • New Year’s Party
  • Movie Nights
  • Music Workshops
  • and a lot more!

Even when you’re #SoloLiving, you won’t feel lonely because there won’t be any shortage of chances to interact with your fellow Townees.


If you’re looking to move, whether for work or education, you can count on MyTown to help make you feel at home. With their events and workshops, you can expect to grow your circle and improve your skills. MyTown is more than just a dorm; it’s a vibrant community.

View the available rooms across their buildings by clicking this link: You can also send an inquiry and schedule a visit through the website! 💙

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